An Eleven Mile Hike for Lyme Warriors!

1-Stanton Park 6 2013-7An Eleven Mile Hike for Lyme Warriors!

If anyone would have told me that I was going to hike eleven miles, I would have said “Get Out!” Quite frankly, I would have never imagined my being able to do so about four years ago. Much less about eleven years ago when I couldn’t even bathe or clothe myself, what you’d call walking was a few feet of shuffling across the floor and pulling myself up to sit down.

It has been graduation time and I saw people that I used to work with or met shortly after we moved here, that was when I considered myself and told others that I had “recovered, ” I was in remission so to speak. How little did I know? I had heard over and over that recovering to 80% to 85% was great, which at the time, was great, I was up walking on my own, (well I had to use a cane and knee braces a lot) but I was no longer bedridden or night blind. Life was good.

But after speaking with those that I worked with and friends that had saw me back then and just recently saw me, I have come a very long way!

2-12-IMG 0615Mind you, the hike was no piece of cake and at times, I thought no way! I’ll be paying for this tomorrow. I just have to turn around now. However, my sweetheart, knowing full well that I am much healthier than I realize at times, helped me keep going–words of encouragement and the “I know you can” attitude.

There was a few instances while hiking I had a moment of reflection, back to a time when I would be hiking with and each step I took was pure unadulterated pain but I refused to let Lyme, Babesia or any other chronic tick-borne disease run my life. I was going to enjoy the outdoors and bear the pain. Each step was accompanied with a burning and electrical sensation that began at my knee and shot up my leg up through my spine.

Even about four years ago, my chest would hurt, each breath was uncomfortable due to my Babesia and as I climbed up to higher elevation, I’d be struggling for breath. It was nowhere near the pain that I had experienced years earlier but I’d have to limit the number of miles to account for the lack of breath many times. I believed that that was the best it was gonna get. Boy, was I so wrong!2-2-IMG 0650

But, after having it pounded in your head that that was the best it could ever be with Lyme, I believed it.

You have to believe that you can get better and never give up on yourself. You know your body best. I finally found the right doctor and right combination of meds including a change of lifestyle and diet that has helped me achieve 110%. Mind you, I would say that the last couple weeks I’ve at about 90% due to major family stress and a virus but I didn’t experience the pain as I once had not even a twinge of it.

4-4-IMG 0672Today, yes, I am a wee bit sore. But I think I used muscles that I don’t usually use every day. When you are walking up a steep grade up, it is a bit more work. It took twice the amount of time to climb up as it to return back down. I remember when I thought I had “recovered” I’d be clenching my teeth coming down; the electrical surges of pain were much more intense coming down. Now, just my feet ended up getting sore but mostly my toes and knees. You know, you have to concentrate on keeping your momentum steady so that you don’t end up rolling down the hill head over heels. It was exhilarating!

I know there are many of you still dealing with the ignorance and denial of you r family and friends. You look fine but we all know that you truly wish you felt as good as they say you look. Hang in there! Until they walk in your shoes, they will never know the sheer strength and will it takes for you to get up each and every day to go on!3-22-IMG 0634

An old co-worker made a statement to me that just really gave me hope for those still struggling. She said, “Yes, you looked fine but you lacked the ‘glow’, the healthy glow, your skin had a different pallor to it and your eyes just didn’t sparkle like they do today.” Why did this give me hope? Because there are people out there that take time to “see” and “understand” and don’t believe that we are all alike and the same treatment works for all. If we can keep speaking up, we will eventually see a change. I for one would love to see that change now!

3-3-IMG 0654For those that still struggle, there is hope! Don’t give up! I did a victory dance for you when I reached the top. For those Lyme Warriors! Our day to be heard will come! Viva Lyme Warrior! Viva Lyme Survivors!

SIDEBAR: I used quite a few combination of things during my treatment. Rocephin, Biaxin/Plaquenil, Mepron, Lariam, Tindamax, A-Babs, Liposomal Artemisinin, Artemisinin, Artemisia, Cryptolepis, Mimosa Pudica, Samento, Teasel, and microcurrent frequency treatment. I used Dr. Zhang’s treatment for Lyme and Babs, Nutramedix tinctures for Babs, and White’s. It was a rotation of different combinations each month. But as you know, what works for one may not for another. Best of luck to all of you!4-26-IMG 0637

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