My Lyme Guide

videocameraMyLymeGuideAvailable May 2, 2011

“Why We Created My Lyme Guide:

As a doctor, Sarah Fletcher saw her patients being overwhelmed by the multiple requirements of treatment regimens, as well as the tremendous amount of emotional support needed. When a patient is also the caregiver of a patient, even greater organization and support are required. She created some forms and combined them with others created by Marjorie and they distributed notebooks to many of Sarah’s patients. They also led a support group for Lyme patients in Loudoun County, Virginia for several years. When Marjorie became a caregiver for her ill teen, she expanded upon the notebook and was eager to share its contents with other parents and patients.”

“A portion of the profits from sales of My Lyme Guide will benefit Lyme Awareness.” 

“My Lyme Guide is the most thorough and comprehensive, yet concise and easy-to-use tool that anybody suffering from this overwhelming disease could possibly hope for. It is a must-have for those patients as well as for caregivers helping infected loved ones.” ~ Amy Summers-Patient and Caregiver

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