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Within these groups of individuals across the United States and other countries, there are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and so forth. As Dr. Jemsek states, “sooner or later” your family will be affected by this growing disease and you, too, will be trying to make a difference.

“In the Lymelight” ~ Pamela Weintraub

pam-weintraubPamela Weintraub, author of “Cure Unknown” and Executive Director at Discover, is well-known in the Lyme Community. She is an author and journalist. Her lists of accomplishments include Senior Editor at Discover magazine, editor in chief at OMNI, over 25 years covering science and biomedicine, and consulting editor at Psychology Today. She became involved being a strong advocate for Lyme Disease when her entire family began having vague headaches, fatigue and joint pains. As years passed, her eldest son became very ill and was unable to go to school with it came many misdiagnoses after years searching for answers.

In her search for answers, she would ask about Lyme Disease, is it possible? This was often discounted. Once her son tested positive for Lyme Disease, antibiotic treatment began and he finally began to improve and feel well. Not only did her son become very ill, she, as well as her husband’s health began to decline. Their symptoms increased and intensified, she developed dysphagia, radio neuropathy, sensitivity to light and relentless headaches. Her husband, a journalist as well and avid tennis player, began having difficulty reading, writing, and stumbling for words as well as bumping into walls. Her other son began sleeping endlessly.

272726781Weintraub learned many things in her journey pursuing her search for answers into her son’s health. It became her quest to find out why so many in the Lyme community were being misdiagnosed and began an investigation that took approximately six years which involved political and medical controversies. The result, “Cure Unknown.”

“Cure Unknown, is in part a memoir, its focus is really what I found after I had dealt with my family’s health problems sufficiently for me to sit back and peer through the eyes of the investigative and skeptical science journalist I had been for decades before Lyme swept us away.”

Within this book, you will find interviews of others that have gone through this nightmare and how thousands have fallen into the gigantic “hole” of being discounted, ridiculed, harassed and left with nowhere to go. “Cure Unknown” definitely is a worthwhile read and I would recommend it.

I will end this with a quote by Joy Burdge at a Pennsylvania Lyme Hearing, which I often refer to, but I feel she has described it so perfectly:

“…Lyme Disease is one hell of a battle, the battle to get a diagnosis, a battle to fight the disease, a battle to get your insurance to pay for your treatment, a battle to get the medical establishment to recognize and treat this disease as a very serious disease that it is….stories like mine are repeated over and over….”

To find out more about Pamela Weintraub and to find out more about her most current projects, you can go to her website at 

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