Nordic Needle, Perhaps You Should Read This

Nordic Needle, Perhaps You Should Read This

WorldWideProtestToday, I received an email sharing the Nordic Needle’s newsletter. In it there was a blurb covering Lyme Disease Awareness month and included a BlogSpot. I thought that was great, the word is getting out, then I saw where the donations were going—none other than the American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF). I was overcome with such an overwhelming sense of sadness.   I shared this bit of information with my fans on our Facebook page. A comment was made as follows: “

“Is it possible that Nordic Needle doesn’t understand that ALDF is not an organization they should be supporting? The name sounds legit enough. Perhaps Nordic Needle Lymie customers could enlighten them and suggest or ILADS as an alternative”

To that I say, perhaps, we should share our insights or thoughts to them. As you are aware, many, unless they have been personally affected by the chronic form of Lyme Disease, have no clue as to the whole “Lyme Wars” controversy.  Perhaps, it is time for them to read LYMEPOLICYWONK: Bogus Grassroots Groups – Who’s Who and What’s What with the American Lyme Disease Foundation (ALDF).  

“If I hadn’t experienced the chronic form of Lyme Disease for almost a decade of my life, I would probably come to believe that it is not possible. However, after finally feeling 110% for a few years, I realize that it does indeed exist.” ~ Lydia

Please share your comments, so that I may share and tweet this and bring it to their attention.

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