Release Anger and Bitterness. It Will Help You

frustratedI am sharing this with you because, unfortunately, there are those that have also had bad experiences with doctors as well as many Lyme victims. Through your anger and bitterness you often group those people together as one. During my horrific journey, I was tempted to become one of these people. Thank goodness I was able to work through that and have become stronger. I know it would have been a detriment to my health and my soul to continue to harbor those feelings of anger and bitterness. For those of you in this vicious stage or cycle, I hope you are able to release it and let it go. As with anything, there are people that are good at what they do and there are others that, well, could be better, that is, if they chose to listen and be open in the very dynamic field of medicine.

As with anything, inform yourself, be proactive and do your research. We are human, not every human, knows everything. You have to be your own advocate with any illness or disease.

More Lyme hysteria from the board
(better-living-through-chemistry department)

As it has become increasingly and embarrassingly evident that our intrepid Loudoun Board of Supervisors permitted itself to be used by a group of fringe fear-mongers to spread misinformation and pseudoscientific alarmism about Lyme disease, the supervisors have reacted by . . . digging a deeper hole for themselves. “Did Loudoun overreact on Lyme disease?” the Washington Post asks in a post on in its local politics blog highlighting realloudoun’s first account of the matter. To briefly recap, here in Loudoun the No. 1 Lyme-disease fear-monger is none other than prominent creationism- and home-schooling advocate—and, not coincidentally, powerful local GOP pooh-bah—Michael Farris, “chancellor” of his very own Purcellville Bible college. Read more.

Remarks from Lyme-Aware fans:

“This guy has a personal vendetta against Dr. Farris and is using Lyme as a means to insult him. I used to live in Loudoun, and Dr. Farris chaired the Virginia Lyme Disease Task Force. He has done nothing but good for Loudoun when it comes to Lyme disease. This guy is just being vicious.”

“Janice Baker Bittner By the way, Loudoun is 20X worse than any other county in Virginia, and is #3 nationwide for fastest growing number of cases. This guy is clueless.”

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