The Holidays or “Hollow’days”?

Hollow days

The Holidays or Should I say “Hollow-days”

Everyone has to deal with the loss of a loved one. And we all know there isn’t ever a good time to mourn someone. This year has been a bit of a rough one with the loss of my mom, then my sweet, sweet beloved Cocker Spaniel. And this time of the year is usually a bit tough since the loss of my brother quite a few years back on November 1st. However, with time, it has been easier to get into the spirit of the holiday season.

This year, I am once again feeling an emptiness. I don’t know, maybe it’s because this is traditionally a time for family and friends to gather together. Those treasured memories of the holidays past leave you with a sense of loneliness or emptiness. Yes, this is the time that we should be thankful and merry; yet, you are left feeling sad, lonely and empty. I guess now, I know why some refer to this time of the year as the “Hollow-days”.

This year I have learned that you need to take as much time to keep yourself emotionally healthy as well as physically. Earlier this year, I shared with you the feeling of loss and grief and how it took a toll on my body physically. Little did I know that it had taken a major toll on me emotionally as well.

I had been so focused on regaining my physical health after the loss of my mother; I didn’t know how precarious my emotional health was after that loss. Then a few months later, after I lost my sweet precious fur baby, my health deteriorated even more. My doc was at a loss because the treatment should have worked but I was not seeing any improvement. We tried neural therapy but…

I did notice that I was feeling that I was being consumed by sadness, but I convinced myself that I was just grieving, which I was. But, it was more than that. It wasn’t until the news of Robin Williams’ death that I came to terms that I had to deal with the feelings and emotions that I had buried deep down and how they were taking a toll on my body as a whole.

I took my doc’s and friend’s suggestion to seek out some extra support. It helped me get up and over the hump. My health has improved and I am doing well physically. My emotional health is also better but with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming I am dealing with a sense of emptiness.   I have taken the first step by decorating the outside with lights to hopefully add some cheer but that is where it has ended.

However, I am finding myself struggling with the upcoming “Hollow-days” which best describes how I am feeling at the moment. I am grateful for my health and how far I have come. But, I know, that I have to let myself grieve; remember the good times; cry, when I feel the need to; and perhaps, offer something in remembrance of my loved ones or make something in their memory.

For those of you struggling emotionally, you are not weak when you seek out extra help or support. I wish you all the best in the upcoming months and hope that you will find ways to make it through the holiday season. Remember, if you have to, take it one day at a time.

Here are a few sources to help you get through this time of the year and help you get through your grief or your struggles: (If you belong to a church, they often offer various support groups as well.)

Grief Support Center at Rainbow Bridge
Mental Health and Emotional Wellness
Animals in Our Hearts National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Veterinary Wisdom Pet Parents National Alliance for Caregiving
Alliance of Hope HelpGuide Org
The Compassionate Friends Chronic Illness Peer Support
The Carter Center Family Support Foundation for Mental Illness         

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