Totally Frustrated & Confused!!! What Treatment Should I Follow?

screamTotally Frustrated & Confused!!! What Treatment Should I Follow?

Just sitting here I realize that I have been so very, very blessed. Last month I was able to get together with all my sisters and see my mother. It wasn’t until I was there doing some of the things that, as I was doing them, I realized I hadn’t been able to do in a decade! It was a great eye opener for me. The things that my family thought was crazy, that I did, I did because I COULD! Fantastic!!!!

In the meantime, unbeknownst to me, I had a few calls at home from a few that were having a very difficult time in their battle with Lyme Disease. Messages that were awaiting for my return home from those that were discouraged if they’d ever get better or feel well. Since my computer had crashed and I had lost my hard drive, I wasn’t able to locate their number to call or return their calls. I felt horrible, then it dawned on me that I could use the support group forums to contact them!

Finally, as I was listening to them, I sensed frustration, pure frustration with a mixture of total confusion. I could totally relate. The battle with mind over body—where the mind kept saying: “I am not going to let this take over my body and win!” Your mind said you were better and stronger than that and you could do whatever you set your mind to—then your body just wouldn’t let you, it just didn’t have the strength to—the continuous battle each and every day. Then, in your attempt to win and overcome the battle, you’d do as much research as you could to do what would make you better. In striving to become better, you’d follow all the tips that you’ve read to feel better, gain more energy, lessen the pain, etc. The total vicious cycle that if you do this, it will relieve this, or if you took this, it would strengthen your immune system, etc. There was so much information out there of what helped others that you wanted to do them all!

All in the efforts to get better and regain your life—it left you totally frustrated and confused. You didn’t know which end was up. You just needed someone to talk to and say do this, don’t do this, and reassure you that it was going to work.

However, as with other illnesses and diseases, there is no clear cut answer. There is no magic pill. What may work for one, may not work for another.

The only advice I could give was to listen, I mean really listen to your body, work with your doctor by discussing the alternative treatments out there, sharing what is new and what’s not, finding the right combination that works for you! Do your best to syphon out all the information that you have learned and openly discuss it with your doctor, listen to your body and go from there. If you try to listen to all the advice in all the support forums you go to for advice, you’ll drive yourself totally insane! Not to mention, totally frustrated too!

“I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody.”

Whatever path you choose to follow in your quest to become well, there is always someone that will feel there is a better way. Do what you feel is best for you and do it as best as you can!

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