Amber Theory: Sound Familiar?

exclamationAmber Theory — Sound familiar?

The facebook page of Under Our Skins couldn’t have expressed my sentiments any better.  I’ll let you be the judge by adding some supporting evidence to this blog.  It will include information by Dr. MacDonald and Dr. Sapi. 

“Based on one patient, IDSA’s Gary Wormser proposes “amber” hypothesis of dead Lyme spirochetes encased in “collagenous matrix” as cause of chronic Lyme arthritis. Is he laying the groundwork to undercut (and eventually claim credit for) the biofilm theory as proposed by UNDER OUR SKIN’s Alan Macdonald and others?” ~ Under Our Skin film

The amber theory of Lyme arthritis: initial description and clinical implications.

Wormser GP, Nadelman RB, Schwartz I.
Source:  Division of Infectious Diseases of the Department of Medicine, New York Medical College, Munger Pavilion, Room 245, Valhalla, NY, 10595, USA,


Lyme arthritis differs in many respects from other bacterial causes of arthritis. Based on an observation made for a patient with Lyme arthritis, we propose that the pathogenesis of joint swelling in Lyme arthritis is due to the introduction into the joint space of non-viable spirochetes or more likely spirochetal debris enmeshed in a host-derived fibrinous or collagenous matrix. This “amber” hypothesis can account for the clinical and laboratory features of Lyme arthritis and is amenable to experimental validation. Validation would directly impact the clinical management of patients with Lyme arthritis. Go to ncbi

Dr. Alan MacDonald on Lyme Biofilms


Dr. Dr. Eva Sapi – Bacterial Biofilms and Lyme Disease


Also, in The Three Forms of Lyme Bacteria (Bb.) there are three forms covered: Spirochetes, L-form or Cell Wall Deficient and Cyst forms. One again sound familiar?

I also included “A great overview of the three forms of Lyme bacteria can be found at the following sites:”

The Three forms of Lyme Bacteria
Pictures of the different forms

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