Our Mission

Lyme-Aware, as an independent organization, would like to showcase, recognize and highlight those individuals striving to make a difference and raise awareness in their own unique way.

Our goal is to raise awareness that Lyme disease and associated tick-borne diseases can be very serious. Lyme-Aware’s mission is to create a unity among all of the organizations, websites, blogs, authors, etc. It is Lyme disease survivors and those that have been affected by tick-borne diseases in their lives who have went on to establish organizations for research, education, awareness, and others have created works of art.

We will unite. Yet, retain what each of us has already worked so hard to achieve.

There are organizations that I would have never heard of, or known of, if I had not become familiar with Lyme disease and all that was involved with it. If you are not part of the Lyme community, you likely never heard of many of these wonderful organizations, groups, authors, movies, websites or blog spots. Essentially, many of these organizations, groups, authors, movies, websites or blog spots, etc. have one common thread—Lyme awareness. We want people to take notice and realize that Lyme disease and the associated tick-borne diseases are equally important as other diseases. We feel it is important that people that suffer with this illness get the appropriate treatment based on each of those individual’s needs. We want the support from society just like other disease sufferers that have struggled to be heard.

Please see Disclaimer.

Lyme-Aware is an independent organization.


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