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To better help you in your navigation through this site, I have added key phrases you may want to use and a description of what they may include. There is a list below.

“News” tab: This covers any news that is covered in the media for Lyme disease and the other tick-borne diseases. We try our best to keep that up-to-date. This is broken down into sections as follows:

  • “Lyme News” which covers news articles in the News media.
  • “Lyme Blogs” which features blogs from others that have recovered from Lyme or other tick-borne diseases and chronic illnesses/diseases that will help you cope with your particular battle.
  • “Lydia’s Blog” which covers my experience, rebuttals to articles, blogs, upcoming and past events, etc.
  • “Lyme Poems” which showcases creative ways for those victims still suffering as a release in their everyday struggles.

Also, the standard procedures you follow for searching the Internet will also apply. However, I thought this list might be a bit more helpful especially if you are new to Lyme Disease and any of the other tick-borne diseases or coinfections like Babesia, Bartonella, etc. The following is a list of key phrases that should help you.

  • “Pearls of Insight”: Lyme Blogs that offer personal experience, research and wisdom through experience.
  • “Lyme Policy Wonk“: California Lyme Disease Association’s Lorraine Johnson’s blogs.
  • “Naturals Insight”: Personal experience, knowledge, helpful natural ideas to help you get through life. Also, sharing of knowledge from learned professional experience, etc. Some topics of interest of detoxification, probiotics, etc.
  • “Treatment Alternatives”: Unconventional treatments for the tick-borne diseases which may include ART (muscle testing) therapy or different protocols like Marshall, Cowden, etc., or saunas, etc.
  • “Rebuttals”: Responses through articles or blogs to something that was discussed in the news, different forums or groups, etc.
  • “Lyme Event Highlights”: Highlights Lyme happenings, events, gatherings, latests arrivals in books regarding Lyme or written by Lyme survivors, conquerors, etc.
  • “Memoriams”: Remembers those who lost their lives in the battle.
  • “Gratitude”: Writings that share gratitude for what you have or lessons learned regarding thankfulness.
  • “Lessons Learned”: Helpful tips that others have learned or experienced to help you get through. For example, loneliness, how to cope, etc.
  • “Activism”: News or blogs that are asking you to get involved to help in raising awareness or advocacy.

Coinfections or Tickborne Diseases: For a type of tick-borne disease or coinfection. You may want to type “Babesia or Babesiosis“, “Ehrlichia or Ehrlichiosis”, and so forth.

By State: Those highlighted in green on the “Home” page are completed or near completion for a list of organizations, websites, support groups, testing and blogspots. For example, if you are looking for information on groups in the state of Missouri, type “Missouri.”

NOTE: [This aspect of the site is still being worked on. Each state highlighted in green will have organizations, groups, websites, blog spots, research facilities, testing facilities, that are based in that particular state or are active and offer support in that state. We are trying our best to include everyone. We receive our information from other sites and referrals. We try our best to communicate with others via email, personal messages, or phone to get the most updated information possible. There are some instances which we have been unable to receive any response to our requests and we did the best we possibly could to include them. There are also some instances that some organizations, websites or blogspots made the decision not to be included and we respected their wishes.]

We appreciate your anticipated cooperation while we continue to work on each state. Sorry for an inconvenience this may cause you while it is still under construction.

I hope you find this helpful. Your support is deeply appreciated.



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