My Plea to the Katie Couric Show

thumbnailCAJHSDRAMy Plea to the Katie Couric Show

I’d like to thank Katie for at least responding to a few of the Lyme Disease comments, which were many, to the “What was your Worst Health Scare!”

I sincerely hope that her show does do a show on Lyme Disease.

It is highly controversial” medical” issue and a mystery to many of the doctors that are not well informed on this disease.   It is “controversial-aspect” that I feel is the reason that many shows like the Katie Couric Show will not cover this subject. I have met many, thousands, of great people that continue to suffer daily with persistent Lyme symptoms. They are the strongest individuals I know including the young children that have had to “grow up” quickly at the fate of Lyme. Oh, how they have matured in such a short period of time! I try to showcase all of those affected by Lyme or trying to speak for those that are too weak to speak on my site, but I know I miss many because the numbers continue to grow.

If I had not become so incapacitated and now am completely well with no residual symptoms, I may have thought differently but there are others like me, too few for my taste, but we know that those that continue to suffer CAN become well or at least well enough to maintain a happy healthy life. Please let their voices be heard and do a thorough show on ALL that is involved in this “Lyme Wars” controversy!

As a show that the public watches, I certainly feel that the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society be contacted as well as the Infectious Disease Society of America so that the TV audience has access to see for themselves the two standards of care and treatment for Lyme Disease.

I also would make another suggestion to contact the organizations that have shown such dedication to his controversial disease. There are many great individuals to contact such as Phyllis Mervine, Lorraine Johnson or Dorothy Leland of; Monte Skall of the National Capital Lyme Disease Association; or The Tick Borne Disease Alliance; Lyme Disease Association, to name just a few.  There is a list of the Organizations lists from all over the world under Resources on this site. Not to mention a lot of Lyme bloggers that are sharing their experiences with anyone that would like to know more about Lyme Disease.

Here’s to never giving up hope that our pleas will be heard!


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