Passionate Lyme Warriors Advocating for Lyme Disease ~ Chris N.

This is the first of a series of individuals that stand up for Lyme Disease warriors and survivors. 

Friends and family,Chris N

May marks the start of Lyme Disease Awareness Month. As many of you know, I hold this near and dear to me. It signifies an unspoken unity of suffering at such as dismal level of human understanding for so many of us.

I myself am a victim of Lyme diseases as many of you know. I have been enduring an arduous, taxing and exhausting nine-year battle with Lyme disease. I was once bed bound for 2 ½ years and was a total recluse. Had to say goodbye to the life I once cherished so dearly. Wasn’t sure I was going to make it through some of those chilling nights where you just said your peace and hoped for the best. And that’s not being dramatic; that’s real talk.

But, here I am 9 yrs later, and I’m living. Not at full capacity probably about 50%, but I am out of bed indulging in life’s bounty yet again. And nothing feels better than to go from a dark confined barren room to enjoying life’s simple pleasures yet again. Although I still have long ways to go when it comes to obtaining optimal health, I will take what I have and run with it.

As long as I am surrounded by family, good friends and supportive, positive people, there really aren’t any complaints. I may have to live in the confines of an illness indefinitely and may not be able to embark on life like my peers, but for me just treasuring all the prolific things life has to offer makes getting up each day purposeful.

But here’s really the skinny here. LYME is the fastest growing infectious disease epidemic, but really a PANDEMIC our country has come to know. It’s in all municipalities, and the numbers of annual cases are highly under reported. If there are 30,000 cases reported a year you can times that by 10 easily!

So, basically, what I want to impart here is to be vigilant and don’t think, for one second, you are impervious to contracting this illness. It does not discriminate and like me, it may take years for it to manifest and turn your world upside down. I literally was living a vivacious life until my immune system plummeted and, bam, Lyme took up residence and caused a myriad of other complications for me. You may not always get a bull’s eye rash. Remember only 40% of individuals will have a bull’s eye rash and 60% will never have one emerge. So, if you’re feeling a little off and you pass basic mainstream medical tests such as MRI’s, Cat Scans, spinal taps, blood work, etc. and receive equivocal results pls don’t rule out Lyme.

It’s that time of year where those poppy seed like little bloodsucking ticks are hungry and are seeking blood. All you have to do is simply graze by a blade of grass, and they will latch onto you. Mosquitoes, horseflies, and many other insects can also carry and transmit the disease as well. Your first line of defense is early detection always. So be vigilant! Do tick checks when returning from woodsy areas, even coming in from your back yards. Ticks love warm areas such as behind the knees, ears and head. Watch your pets as they often bring ticks inside your home. Smart to check them as well. Apply proper tick repellent and if you can, wear long socks and tuck your jeans in when hiking. Consider spraying your yards as well.

I don’t want anyone to fall victim to this wretched and oppressive illness. It WILL turn your life around and not for the better. So please don’t dismiss this and just take it to heart. Have my annoying voice resonate in your head when you’re camping, hanging out by bonfires, enjoying summertime activities, etc. Simple precautionary measures can save you a lifetime of devastation.

For more info you can go to Remember Lyme Disease is also known as the great imitator so it mimics numerous other diseases and conditions such as MS, Lupus, ALS, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue and much more.

Thanks for listening and everyone enjoy the nice weather and all the activities that come with it. If you have any questions whatsoever, reach out to me. It’s my call of duty to help y’all.

                                                                                  ~ Chris N.

3 comments on “Passionate Lyme Warriors Advocating for Lyme Disease ~ Chris N.

Carol MacGeorge. Phone # 836-3086 on May 5, 2016 9:05 am

Any NOT Ant……….oops!!!!!!!

Carol MacGeorge. Phone # 836-3086 on May 5, 2016 9:03 am

I also am a Lyme Disease Patient , I would appriciate any and all info., you could provide me with. I was diagnosed with Lyme in Jan., of 2016 ( this year) , I was floored with the diagnosis, as I too had NO BULL’S EYE. I’m NEW to this DREADFUL DISEASE and SUFFER immensely so ant info you can provide me with is IMPORTANT . THANK-YOU SO VERY MUCH, AND GOOD LUCK TO YOUR FIGHT WITH LYME.

Lydia Niederwerfer on May 17, 2016 4:45 pm

We sent you an email. Hope this helps.

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