Slate’s Medical Quacker and Conspiracy Theorists

frustratedI had to step back a bit when I read this article, Why Is Romney Campaigning on Medical Quackery? I was quite angry with the callous tone of this article. If it was as easy as she made it sound, my life would have not changed so drastically and I would have never needed to be fed, bathed and clothed by my husband because I could not do it myself. What could have made me so ill, well, of course, the difficult to diagnose and easy to treat Lyme Disease!

Strange is that I had the tick, the bulls eye rash and all of the early symptoms, an easy diagnosis, don’t you think? Well, that was not the case. Despite all the of telltale symptoms, my test for Lyme Disease came back negative! Six weeks later, after being refused to be heard that all my problems began when I found the tick on me, I was consistently told that it was NOT Lyme Disease. Lyme Disease could not get anyone that ill. Yeah right!

If I had been satisfied with all of the other wrong diagnoses, I still would have been unable to see when it became dark and unable to walk on my own looking like some stated like a chemotherapy patient balding with a chalky gray pallor looking like death warmed over. Thank the lord I found a neurologist that took the time to add up all the facts and the timing of my serious illness to run another series of test to find that I had the Lyme bacteria in my spinal fluid. Thank the lord he suggested I see a doctor that was familiar with Lyme Disease and the controversies that came with it. Why? Well, after the right treatment, I have been able to live a life pain free with no lingering symptoms to live a full life and regain the ability to become active within the working society that I had loved so much. If it weren’t for my husband, my dedicated friends in researching and looking beyond the censored information regarding Lyme Disease, I would probably be still as incapacitated as I was or no longer here with you today. If it wasn’t Lyme Disease that would have killed me, it would have been the Babesiosis that was killing off my red blood cells. I thank those medical doctors that strive to do what is best for their patients even if it means working against the grain of society.

Knowing all this, it saddens me that the public has not been able to be able to see all the studies that are out there that do show that Borrelia burgdorferi can persist after the stated treatment guidelines have been administered.  Notably, the most recent one with the Embers Monkey test where it definitely shows that Bb did persist after the initial antibiotic treatment was administered.

quacksIt took a lot of control to address this … this… Quite frankly, I am not sure what to call this article, speaking for those that are still battling this Disease, losing hope in becoming well or being heard, shows a side of an America that, quite frankly, is not one that I’d like to be a part of…I’d like to consider that I’d be there to help those that are down rather than so callously calling them “Medical conspiracy theorists” or “quackery”.


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