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judy-coleman-1Within these groups of individuals across the United States and other countries, there are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters and so forth. As Dr. Jemsek states, “sooner or later” your family will be affected by this growing disease and you, too, will be trying to make a difference

“In the Lymelight” ~Judy Coleman

Judy Coleman is a native to Ohio. She is an entrepreneur, author, and supporter. Her passion for writing began at a very early age and the author of the Grouchy the Bear and Timmy and the Tick.

Both these books are great in teaching children: Grouchy the Bear teaches them “to get along with and respect others, to accept themselves, and to appreciate life” and Timmy and the Tick in learning to enjoy the outdoors but be careful at the same time. “She lives with her husband on a farm in Belmont County, Ohio, where they own and operate a farm equipment sales business. Weekends often find Judy playing bass fiddle with the family bluegrass and gospel band, along with her husband, their son and daughter, and other family members.”

Judy’s hope is to spread Lyme Disease awareness through her book, Timmy and the Tick, and she also hopes it will assist those in raising funds for research, education, prevention, and awareness. “This book is not a fairytale about a tick! Although it is fiction, the symptoms, treatment, and prevention information it contains is very useful and informative.” There are very few books like this for small children. “It is a ‘must’ for all homes!”

“Timmy and the Tick is an entertaining tool for teaching young children about Lyme disease treatment and prevention.”

~ Dr. Charles Ray Jones, Highly-Regarded Lyme Pediatric Specialist

timmyandthetick1“The pages are in full, brilliant color and very appealing to a child. The book has interesting characters, including Timmy and his Mom, Dr. Scott, and Spikey, Timmy’s dog, a valued member of the family, who loves eating popsicles with Timmy!” Timmy and the Tick is available for fundraising and may be purchased from the publishing house to be sold as a fundraising tool for any organization, school, church, or group. Go to her website for more information at www.kidsbooksbyjudycoleman.net.

You may contact Judy Coleman directly, at Jdc042352@aol.com or call at (740) 695-3778. You may also order books for your fundraiser just contact Mirror Publishing at www.info@pagesofwonder.com.

Lyme-Aware is an independent organization and has no affiliation with this organization or individual.


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